Marlin Williams

Speaker and Media Contributor

Marlin has been invited to serve as an international keynote speaker, panelist and media contributor with an expertise in career and life transformations, diversity, inclusion and technology.

After college Marlin was an aspiring mortician, until she learned to code in seven languages in 13-weeks. Marlin ultimately emerged as a mainframe programmer developing and maintaining code for the automotive and financial industries. Taking that first step out of her comfort zone, changed the trajectory of her life and career.

As Marlin continued her career in tech, she noticed a severe lack of women and people of color at the technology table, thus her passion for diversity and inclusion in technology emerged. Marlin now has over 25 years of experience as a Global Diversity and Inclusion Officer for two Fortune 500 organizations and has a passion for helping companies reach their Diversity and Inclusion goals.

Marlin’s powerful keynotes empower people to get out their own way and take practical steps to transform their lives and careers. Marlin also assists corporations and leaders to dive into candid conversations around diversity and inclusion to build sustainable initiatives and engage employees.

Marlin’s insightful and thought-provoking presentations and media contributions include TEDx, Google, Tom Joyner Foundation, Linkedin, Tech Week, SXSW, Microsoft Corporation, Techonomy, Diversity Woman, MSNBC, Tech Week, Tech Inclusion, Meeting of the Minds, Yes We Code and WDIV amongst others.

Tech Founder

Marlin is a Co-Founder of Code Connect and Sisters Code, both Detroit-based technology companies that help participants jumpstart a career in the tech industry.

Sisters Code is a movement to motivate women to pursue careers in the field of technology. Sisters Code provides introductory coding courses through our signature Weekend Website Warrior workshop, networking opportunities, events, and more.

Code Connect is a technology networking site that connects people exploring the tech industry with education, resources and job opportunities.

Diversity and Inclusion, CEO

Marlin is the Founder and CEO of Diversity and Consulting, Solutions. Marlin utilizes her 25+ years experience serving as a Global Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer for two Fortune 500 Corporations to assist organizations in reaching their D&I goals.

Diversity and Inclusion team of consultants specialize in Diversity and Inclusion Strategy, Cultural Audits, Diversity in S.T.E.M. Strategies, Employee Resource Group Engagement, Diversity Recruiting and Staffing, Workshops, and Speakers.


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